About Santa Gary


I love kids and love spreading joy.  I've raised two fine young men, spent time as a baby sitter, Boy Scout, church volunteer, talk show host, mentor and teacher.  As I have "matured", I decided to let my already-white beard grow, drink a few more milk shakes, get an official suit, take an online class from the highly-regarded Santa Claus Conservancy and...


Santa Gary comes to town!



Through the Conservancy, I took classes in "how-to", home, school and shopping center visits, community events, video chats,  storytelling, visits with special needs children,  photo sessions, and more, all to assure a quality, personal Santa experience for your family and friends.

"We really enjoyed your visit!!! "


Thanks to a happy face and a jolly disposition, kids take to me immediately.  The sight of a child running into Santa's arms is one of the great joys at the holidays.  I've also done events and visits with senior citizens and handicapped and special needs kids and adults.

"Santa surprised our grandkids with a rousing visit on Thanksgiving night.  He showed up as we were all out in the front yard enjoying the lighting of our Christmas lights.  He knew all the kids names and their special interests - and even the names of their pets.  We all sang 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town' and then we came inside and Santa told a story that captivated all.   Just as suddenly as he appeared, Santa stood up, wished all a Merry Christmas and a Good Night, and vanished (out the front door)."


For 2 summers, I've been the Santa Claus for the college league Edenton Steamers' "Christmas in July".  Tyler Russel, the team's General Manager said,

 "Santa Gary recently paid a visit to an Edenton Steamers game at Historic Hicks Field. It was our Christmas in July night, and he was the star of the show. He did a great job interacting with the fans, and spent some time talking with the kids and taking pictures. His presence in the ballpark was certainly felt by all that were in attendance. We look forward to having Gary back at the ballpark for Christmas in July in the future."